It’s a blush-off! Nars Desire vs Gaiety.

Now, before you misconstrue the above title, I just want to let you know that all the Nars blushes are friends and there is nothing nasty going on here. However, there is a little healthy competition among them and most likely a few jealous grumbings directed at Orgasm which often generates the most press/chat/reviews/sales.

But, there is a new kid on the blush block and it comes courtesy of the Nars Spring 2012 New Color collection. I, for one, have been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival and finally had the chance to ogle, swatch and rub a dub to my hearts content and here is the really good news.

Gaiety and Desire are nothing alike! Did I just hear a resounding sigh of relief from many of you? I know that my heart skipped a beat at the realisation. Desire has been a favourite of mine for eons and the images of Gaiety that I had seen portrayed it as being eerily similar. Does this justify a purchase? I needed to “meet” Gaiety to find out. I wanted it so bad, but was fearful of a double-up in my already ginormous blush collection.

So, what is Gaiety like? Well it is not nearly as bright as Desire. It is a truly clear (meaning no brown pigment), pastel, candy-pink toned blush.The pigment is strong, however it is not as strong as Desire, but in a completely different way. It is truly pastel and unlike Desire it contains a white pigment to soften the colour. On the skin, it delivers a very soft, pretty, wearable pink that would be best suited to fair to medium complexions. It’s like Desire’s little sister. Softer, younger, not as loud and outspoken. It is beautiful!

Another difference I detected is that Gaiety has just the slightest, teensyist glow to it. It is only detectable on the skin and I wouldn’t describe it as a shimmer blush, but there is definitely an ever-so-subtle radiance going on.

Desire, on the other hand, is completely matte, very bright and has a little more warmth. It is knocking on fluorescent’s door but hasn’t quite made it inside due to it’s depth. I see a little coral in desire which lends it a warmer tone and it requires a very small dab to achieve a bright, rosy flush. It is a universal shade (well almost) and I use it on all skin tones from fair through to tanned complexions. Very dark skin tones will find Desire too clownish, as it has no brown tones to marry it with their skin colour. It sits comfortably in my Top 5 blushes and deservedly so.

Is Gaiety like anything I currently own? Yes, a little. The closest dupe I have is Mac Well Dressed blush, which I also love. Well Dressed has a little more shimmer than Gaiety and creates a very soft, pretty cheek. If you own Well Dressed and love it, you will most likely want to add Gaiety to your collection too.

Have you checked out the Nars Spring 2012 Color yet? What did you think?

Are you a Desire aficionado? Will you be scooting off to add Gaiety to your collection?


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